The company “N.M.Georgiadis”, is one of the largest and oldest companies in trade of Products for Small Animals (Pet Trade Specialists). It was founded on Nov. 2, 1963 by Dr. Nicholas M. Georgiadis in Thessaloniki, at the same he also established the Model Animal Clinic, the unique for a decade clinic for dogs and cats in northern Greece.

Since then and until 1979, the company acts in the field of animal feeds, supplements, vitamins, etc., and small animal accessories under the brand name and trade name "Nikolaos M. Georgiadis". In 1980, the company is registered for the first time in Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki under the name "Nikolaos M. Georgiadis" and distinctive title “GENIPHARM”.

ΕΙΚΟΝΑThe activity of "GENIPHARM – N.M.Georgiadis" is expanding, apart from the small animals’ products (dogs, cats, birds’ cages, rodents and aquarium) to the veterinary products, and also to the equipment for Vet Clinics and Grooming Salons. The products are imported from around the world. The sales network covers the whole Greece as the company "GENIPHARM - NM Georgiadis" is one of the leading suppliers of pet shops, Vets, Grooming, animal feed stores, hunting items, camping goods etc. and at the same time it makes exports to different countries.


The most basic rates for the rise of the company are the followings: the consistency in trade, the vast variety of innovative products with more than 2500 types, the high quality of the products with the lowest prices in the market and the excellent service, which is characterized by the speed of order execution, the merchandise and after sales care



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